pregnancy loss

I want to tell you about a line of pregnancy loss cards created by Dr. Jessica Zucker that we should all know about because about 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. That's HUGE, but we all don't know what to say and how to support someone who is going through such a loss. Click through to see the cards and learn how you can help someone who has miscarried. 

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Express sorrow and show support 1

You may not know the perfect thing to say, but simply letting someone who is grieving the loss of a pregnancy know that you are sorry and there for them is a great way to let them know you care. 


Give them permission to grieve their own way 2

Who is to say how anyone should grieve? Everyone does it differently and on their own timeline, and that's okay. Instead of telling someone suffering a loss what they should do, let them do it their own way and support them through it. 


Grief knows no bounds 3

Grief knows no boundaries, it's universal. Let the person who is grieving have no doubt that you support them. 

Uh-uh with the cliches 4

One of the things that happens when we don't know what to say is that we open our big bocotas and out comes cliche after cliche that are NOT helpful at the time. Let's acknowledge that some of the things people say during this time are B.S.


Love above all else 5

Let the griever know that even if you say the wrong thing (because you're really good at sticking your pata in your mouth) what you really want them to know is that you love them so very much. 


Remind them of how wonderful they are 6

After a pregnancy loss someone is going to feel awful, remind them that you know they are all kinds of wonderful. 


Loss is different for everyone 7

If you've been through a miscarriage before, you can tell a loved one that you've been through it and yet you realize that the experience is different for everyone. 

Post-loss pregnancy 8

Maybe someone you know who has had a miscarriage is now pregnant again. Imagine the fear they must be experiencing. Reach out to them and let them know you remember and that you are there for them now. 


Honor and acknowledge the loss 9

A child is a child is a child no matter how briefly. These cards help parents who have experienced a stillbirth or miscarriage to share the news and honor their child's memory.