kim kardashianUntil a few weeks ago, I found Kim Kardashian insoportable, but these last days of her pregnancy, she's becoming more and more relatable and more and more endearing. Yes, seriously. It's like she finally took of the shinny veneer and she's one of us. Let me tell you some of the things Mrs. Kanye West has been sharing lately, so you can see what I mean.

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Her weight is out of control 1

Her weight is out of control

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"A fews weeks to go and 60 pounds up! I look at other celebrities and Instagram girls who are literally so skinny right after giving birth. How is that possible?!?!" Kim Kardashian wrote and who hasn't thought of that?



Shared envy 2

Shared envy

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"I'm not saying anyone is being unhealthy or not doing it the right way, but how do they lose weight and look so good so fast?!" Kim Kardashian wrote. "Am I totally jealous and envious? Yes!" I hear you sister.


Kim Kardashian admits she has cankles + 10 other crazy things she has said about her pregnancy 3

That's exactly how I felt at the ninth-month mark during both my pregnancies.

She feels weird about staying with mom 4

She feels weird about staying with mom

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"I can't believe I'm expecting my second child and I'm living with my mom," she said during a Live Streaming on her website. Many of us either did that or had mom living with us the last weeks of pregnancy.


Bye-Bye heels 5

Few of us think of luxury brand flip-flops, but I did wonder for how much longer Kim Kardashian was going to wear high heels, and it seems like she's finally done.


Welcome sweat pants 6

Welcome sweat pants

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Kim Kardashian admited that she feels so big and has been so sick with a cold, that she only wears sweat pants. I'm so happy for her!


Second thoughts 7

I hope they at least have a couple of posibilities picked. I insisted in waiting until I saw my sons' faces to decide on a name.

Spending more time with North 8

Spending more time with North

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Like any mom who is having a second child, Kim Kardashian is worried about how having a second baby will impact North and is spending a lot of time with her.


Her Christmas shopping is done 9

Her Christmas shopping is done

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According to Mrs. West, all her Christimas shopping is done and many moms do the same, when having a December baby. It's pretty clear that it would be impossible to do it properly later.

The baby could come ANY TIME! 10

I haven't met a pregnant woman who, in the last few weeks, doesn't think the baby is about to be born every day. Kim Kardashian's due date is December 25. Let's see how far she makes it.