Kim KardashianIt seems that Kim Kardashian can't catch a break with this pregnancy. After going through a tortuous procedure to move her baby to the right delivery position (it worked), she is having an awful time now, courtesy of a sinus infection. Only those of us who have gone through it can imagine the pain and to deal with it without some serious painkillers. Well, that is just awful. Pobrecita.

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The baby is in the right position now 1

The baby is in the right position now

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Last week, Kim Kardashian let us know that her "latest concern is that my baby is breech, meaning he's in the wrong position for childbirth...His head is still up and it's supposed to be down. He was supposed to turn by 32 weeks. So now, I will have to get a C-section."


The painful procedure 2

The painful procedure

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"This weekend, I checked into the hospital and underwent a procedure called an ECV (External Cephalic Version, or a Version), which is done to manually turn the baby from a breech position to a head-down position," she explained. "They gave me an IV with medication to relax my uterus, and then three doctors attempted to work together to turn the baby."


No more C-Section 3

No more C-Section

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"There was a risk that my water might break or the baby's heart rate could drop--in which case, an emergency C-section would then take place. I went in with my sisters and my husband. I was prepared for it all!" she wrote on her blog and it sounds scary. "They don't give you any pain medication, and let me tell you: This was soooooo painful. Probably more painful than childbirth. BUT it worked!!!"

All the time spent in hospitals 4

All the time spent in hospitals

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Kim spent several hours in the hospital on November 24, due to excruciating pain. Maybe Braxton Hicks contractions! Let's hope that was all.



She has gestational diabetes 5

She has gestational diabetes

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It's a condition that dissapears after pregnancy, but does require special care and a strict diet.

Placenta accreta 6

Placenta accreta

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Kim had a serious complication during her previous pregnancy and she worries that it may happen again. It's called placenta accreta: "This is a high-risk condition that happens when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall," she explained. The condition is dangerous because it can cause severe bleeding after pregnancy.


She is managing her parents' divorce 7

She is managing her parents' divorce

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As we have already seen in KUWTK, the situation between Kris and Caitlyn Jenner is as simple as you'd expect ... which is not at all!

And her sister's ... 8

And her sister's ...

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Kourtney Kardashian is going also through a rough patch after her breakup from Scott Disick, the father of her three children. Tía Kim has been there for them and continues to be a source of strength, despite her condition.


Not to mention Lamar Odon's situation 9

Not to mention Lamar Odon's situation

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She dropped everything and traveled to Las Vegas--and even though she was visibly uncomfortable, stayed several days, while Lamar Odom fought for his life.

Having to work always looking glamorous 10

Having to work always looking glamorous

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I know it looks like a dream job, but being constantly in the public eye is exhausting. Imagine feeling so heavy and having to wear tight clothes and walk on stilettos. Not very cool!


Constantly being scared 11

Constantly being scared

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On a previous blog post, Kim revealed that she went through a life threatening situation when delivering North. She has admitted she's very anxious about giving birth--I would be too!

Her weight issues 12

Her weight issues

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The reality TV star confessed that she has put on more than 50 pounds. That's more than the double the recommended amount of weight gain during pregnancy!


Kanye West's work 13

Kanye West's work

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Having a husband with a busy career and always on the go can't be easy when your pregnancy is as complicated as Kim's.

Unfortunately there is the nose 14

Unfortunately there is the nose

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Kim added that she now has a cold and a sinus infection. After that procedure with the baby it sounds like nothing, but at the 37 week of a difficult pregnancy, I´m sure it feels like the last drop in the bucket. Keep reading to learn about other challenges she has faced lately.


The delivery and the baby name 15

The delivery and the baby name

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The due date is December 25th, who knows if her baby will wait. The truth is though, that the date is looming and they still don´t have a name. Maybe they will wait to see if what he looks like.