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Illustrator Line Severinsen did an amazing job illustrating the journey of pregnancy and motherhood via hilarious cartoons she started drawing in 2012 during her first pregnancy. The message: no matter how crazy what you are going through feels like, you are NOT alone. Click through to laugh and comiserate.  

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Image via Corbis

Swelling 1


Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

You thought you'd be able to go through pregnancy wearing all of your cute shoes and then your feet swell so much you're forced to get creative with your footwear and not in a good way. 


Delusions of Grandeur 2

Delusions of Grandeur

Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

Relax big guy! All is well in babytown. Guys are really worried about this even though there don't seem to be any reported incidents of babies getting poked while in the womb by daddy's ding-a-ling. 


Live Birth 3

Live Birth

Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

This cracks me up because people do live tweet and live share their births online. Are doctors, nurses and midwives going to have to start worrying about getting whacked with selfie sticks? 

Placenta 4

This is EXACTLY what my husband looked like when the nurse asked him if he wanted to take the placenta home after having our first baby. I don't think he's ever been so horrified. 


Post Pregnancy Belly 5

Post Pregnancy Belly

Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

Unlike celebrities, most women still kinda look pregnant after having a baby and it's NOT fun to have someone ask you when you're SHUT IT! 


Breastfeeding 6


Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

Everyone tells you that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and maybe it is, but if you've ever experienced difficulties with it you know it feels a tad on the unnatural side when you go in the experts to ask for help. 


Public Breastfeeding 7

Public Breastfeeding

Image via kosogkoas/Instagram

You finally get the whole nursing thing down and feel confident enough to go out with baby without a bottle to supplement and somebody can't handle the most "natural" thing in the world. Do we even need to discuss how some people get so wigged out by public breastfeeding? Es demás!

Rocking Chair 8

Rocking Chair

Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

Mecedoras are EVERYTHING to a new mom. They should be issued standard with every baby. 


Co-sleeping 9

Oh, you'll get all kinds of passionate arguments on either side of the co-sleeping debate, but this picture right here pretty much sums up the actual experience. 

Pump and Dump 10

Pump and Dump

Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

Ha! You're a breastfeeding mom out at a party lookin' all fly and having a great time, but you have to take bathroom breaks not just to pee, but so you can pump and dump your breast milk. First of all you don't want to get your baby all drunk the next time you nurse and second of all your boobs will get so big they might not fit in your dress if you don't get some of that milk out. So glamorous...NOT! 


Separation Anxiety 11

Separation Anxiety

Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

Seriously schools should have on-site grief counselors to help some parents deal with the first day of kindergarten separation anxiety. The struggle is real. 

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