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Picking the perfect baby name for your little one is a tough and daunting task--especially if you're looking to go with a distinctive moniker. My husband and I have been going back and forth about what we should name our beautiful unborn son (also known as my "soul baby"). My husband is Chinese and we ideally want an uncommon name that sounds great in Chinese, Spanish, and English. Checking all of those boxes off is starting to seem like an impossible task, but this determined mom-to-be isn't giving up. 

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Celebrities are known for giving their babies names that are totally unusual and out of the box, and they usually don't settle for an average moniker. Their names are so outrageous and so unique at times that it was even surprising when Eva Longoria named her son Santiago. Fans have become so used to hearing uncommon names from stars, it's almost as if they expect it these days.  

My baby boy name search continues and these beautiful Latino celebrity kid names are definitely giving me plenty of inspiration! It may do the same for you. 

Cameron Diaz chose a cool name for her baby girl. 1

Cameron Diaz chose a cool name for her baby girl.

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The actress announced in January 2020 that she and husband Benji Madden welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Raddix. How cute and totally cool is that? 


Ricky Martin gave his youngest baby the cutest name. 2

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Nuestro hijo Renn Martin-Yosef ha nacido. #elbebéhanacido

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Ricky Martin and husband Jwan Yosef announced the arrival of their baby boy, Renn Martin-Yosef, in October 2019, with this sweet pic. 


Cardi B was not going to give her baby an average name. 3

Cardi B's firstborn has the most out-of-the-box name ever. The rapper named her child Kulture, inspired by an album by her husband Offset.  

Aitana is such a gorgeous name. 4

Aitana is such a gorgeous name.


Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo went with the unusual name Aitana for their lovely baby girl. The name of Portuguese decent has never been ranked in the US, according to Baby Name Wizard. The uncommon name means "glory,"  which perfectly suits a future daddy's girl and little princess-to-be. 


Eugenio Derbez named his eldest daughter Aislinn. 5

He gave both of his girls pretty cute and different names and they are so fitting. Aislinn Derbez definitely sounds like the name of a star.


Aislinn also gave her baby girl a modern name. 6

This adorable little girl was given the prettiest and most unique name by her famous parents. Aislinn and husband Mauricio Ochmann named the little one Kailani. 


Mario Lopez gave his second son a super cute name. 7

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My boys are gettin big...

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The TV personality and his wife, Courtney, welcomed their third child, a son, in July 2019. They named the little one Santino. 

Mariah Carey's twins have the most gorgeous names. 8

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Moroccan Scott and Monroe Cannon are the heirs to the Mariah Carey empire and their names are fitting for two superstars. So cute!


Cy and Bowie sound like rock stars. 9

Zoe and Marco Saldana went with pure hipster names! Cy and Bowie are both unusual baby boy names. Cy means "master" or "lord" while Bowie means "yellow" or "fair." 

Zoe Saldana's other son has a pretty cool name. 10

This kid might have a pretty chill life ahead of him after his parents chose to give him the name Zen. How awesome is that?


Jennifer Lopez's son has the best name. 11

J.Lo gave her twins the sweetest names, but her son's is so unusual we totally love it. Her son's name is Maximilian, and she calls him Maxy or Max for short. 

Adamaris López's daughter's name is Alaïa. 12

Adamari López wanted an uncommon name that also started with the letter A for her beautiful daughter. She picked Alaïa, which means "sublime" in Arabic. How perfect! 


Shakira named her son Sasha. 13

Shakira and Gerard Piqué scored a major goal after naming their son Sasha. The Greek name carries rich history and means "defender or helper of mankind." The name may be uncommon for boys in the US, but that's what makes it so awesome! 

Summer Rain is perfect for a baby girl. 14

Inspired by the warmest season of the year and nature, Summer Rain is the perfect creative name for an open-minded couple. Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler named their little one with the hippie moniker, which goes with the "Lil' Diva." 


Dalary is so interesting as a name. 15

Larry Hernandez and Kenia Ontiveros chose the beautiful name Dalary for their youngest daughter. The reality stars loved names that started with D. They also have a daughter named Daleyza, which according to Baby Name Wizard is the one of the fastest rising baby names in the US in 2015! Larry also has two sons Larry Jr. and Sebastian. 

Janney and Jenicka are beyond pretty. 16

The late Jenni Rivera loved choosing unusual names that start with J. Two of our favorites are Janney, which is Chiquis Rivera's birth name, and Jenicka. Jenicka means "God is gracious" while Janney means "grace from God." If you want an unusual name with religious meaning, you have two of them here! 


Even the spelling of Giulietta is different. 17

Ana Patricia picked the French version of Juliette for her cute little one. This is the perfect example that you can take a classic name and still make it different by going with a version from another language. 

Dominic is gorgeous for a boy. 18

Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Mazza-Lopez picked the lovely bilingual name Dominic for their little boy. The name, which is Nico for short, means "of the Lord." 


Eva Mendes chose Esmeralda for her first baby girl. 19

Eva Mendes chose Esmeralda for her first baby girl.

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The traditional Spanish name meaning "emerald" was the winner for celebrity parents Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. The parents keep their kids out of the limelight, but we're sure she lives up to the previous nickname Esme. The uncommon name is romantic and timeless. 

Dania Ramirez gave her son a cool middle name, John Aether. 20

Dania Ramirez and her husband John Amos Beverly Land went traditional with her twin son's first name, but we love his unusual middle name "Aether." The name means "bright light" in Greek. I'm sure his sister Gaia approves!


Sofía Andrea is so pretty. 21

Television journalist Bárbara Bermudo picked a lovely name for her third daughter. The mom confirmed she would be naming her little one Sofía Andrea. Combining a classic and modern name is the way to go! Her other two daughters are named Mya and Camila.