Pregnant woman delivers her own baby while driving on highway

Pregnant woman drivingFor many women, labor is the scariest part of pregnancy but for one pregnant mom from Utah, it was a breeze. Devi Mariah Ostler was driving her 6-year-old son to her mother's house when her water suddenly broke. But instead of panicking, she not only decided to drive herself to the hospital but she wound up delivering her own baby right on the interstate highway. Holy crap, can you believe this?


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Ostler initially started to drive herself to the hospital but called 911 when she felt it becoming overwhelming. It's amazing how calm this woman was throughout the entire thing. "I'm trying to get over into the other lane--I need to push!" she told the dispatcher. "The baby is coming." That baby was definitely coming all right! The 32-year-old mom wound up having to pull over right on the side of the interstate 15 and start pushing.

Police Chief Jean Loveland and Patrol Trooper Josh Carr arrived on the scene literally seconds before Ostler gave birth to her 9.9 pound baby boy. Isn't that amazing? How did this woman not freak out the entire time? "I knew the baby was coming and it doesn't help to panic. So, I just stayed calm and said, 'Well, if I deliver it on my own, then I deliver it on my own. If somebody gets here, somebody gets here. The baby is here. There's not much more I can do about it,' " she said. Now, that's impressive!

Ostler and the baby were then rushed to the nearest hospital in Brigham City and are both doing just fine. She still had not picked out a name for her son, but I'm pretty sure that was an experience she will never forget. I'm telling you, I would have never had the balls to keep calm and collective. This woman is officially my hero!

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