adamari lopez babyshowerIf you thought the baby shower invitations Adamari López sharsed recently was amazing, wait until you see the pictures of the actual shower! Adamari and Toni Costa shared details from their celebration--from fairy tale the decoration to the little details and the famous invite list. Oh, the list, you'll never believe the list of stars that passed by the exclusive Coral Gables Country Club to celebrate the most awaited baby in the Latino celeb world.

Seriously, Adamari must be the most beautiful pregnant woman in history. I love her because she isn't super skinny like so many celebs during pregnancy, who still remain obsessed with their figures even with a bun in the oven. She's never looked better--her dress and accessories were spectacular. But best of all was the future dad, who even combined his outfit with hers. Cute!

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More than 100 people gathered to celebrate Ada and her baby, Alaïa, among them were Carlos Ponce and Ximena Duque, Johnny Lozada and his wife, Sandy, Tommy Torres and Karla Monroig, the Un Nuevo Día hosts, Rachel Dïaz, Ana María Cansejo and Neida Sandoval, Cristina Saralegui, Charityn, Lily Estefan ... the list goes on. Fortunately, we have social media and the parents-to-be and their guests were having such a great time, they posted tons of pics. I had a ball looking through Instagram and Twitter.

Check out some of the most special moments from the shower. There are lots of pictures, but it's totally worth it to go to the end--there's some awesome inspiration in case you're planning your own event. Enjoy!

Image via Adamari López/Facebook


A moment from the past 1

 A moment from the past

Image via Esther Beniflah/Instagram

The whole design was inspired by this vintage mirror.


With Ludwika Paleta 2

With Ludwika Paleta

Image via Ludwika Paleta/Instagram

They became friends during the filming of 2001's Amigas y rivales and their friendship endures to today.


Amigas y rivales 3

Amigas y rivales

Image via Makita Soler/Instagram

"Celebrating Alaia !!! We love you!!#amigasyrivales #foreverfriends", wrote Argentinean actress Makita Soler, the wife of Juan Soler.

With Carlos Ponce & Ximena Duque 4

With Carlos Ponce & Ximena Duque

Image via Ximena Duque/Instagram

Ada and Carlos have been good friends for years.


With Lili Estefan 5

With Lili Estefan

Image via Lili Estefan/Instagram

"For those who believe in true #MIRACLES today is a day to celebrate! Congratulations! wrote La Flaca.


Rachel Díaz with Adamari & Toni 6

Rachel Díaz with Adamari & Toni

Image via Rachel Díaz/Instagram

The parents-to-be greeted their guests on a Pink Carpet. Then they gave each guest a picture in a beautiful frame as the party favor.


With her makeup artist 7

With her makeup artist

Image via Marco Peña/Instagram

One of the most beautiful things about Adamari is that she values everyone on her team. Her makeup artist, Marco Peña, who did her up for this event, got special treatment.

With her celeb stylist 8

With her celeb stylist

Image via Irma Martínez/Instagram

Irma Martínez styles some of the most famous celebs.


Erika Csiszer & Ada 9

Erika Csiszer & Ada

Image via Erika Csiszer/Instagram

The chicas from Un Nuevo Día were all at the event.

With Alessandra Villegas 10

With Alessandra Villegas

Image via Alessandra Villegas/Instagram

Alessandra Villegas was at the shower representing her partner, Un Nuevo Día host Daniel Sarcos, who was in the Dominican Republic for work.


Ana María Canseco with the parents 11

Ana María Canseco with the parents

Image via Latin Íconos/Instagram

Ana María Canseco was one of the first to arrive.

Taking a little break 12

Taking a little break

Image via Latin Íconos/Instagram

The beautiful mami-to-be took a little breather.


With Charytín 13

With Charytín

Image via Charytín/Instagram

The Dominican presenter, who's also going to be a grandmother soon, was at the shower celebrating little Alaïa.

Boricua power! 14

Boricua power!

Image via Carlos Ponce/Instagram

I love when compatriotas support each other. Here with Adamari are fellow Boricuas Carlos Ponce, Johnny Lozada and his wife Sandy, Alexandra Malagón (journalist and Gilberto Santa Rosa's wife) and Ponce's partner, Colombian model Ximena Duque.


Famous guests 15

Famous guests

Image via Makita Soler/Instagram

Do you recognize them all? You can tell they all had so much fun!

Cristina and Charytín 16

Cristina and Charytín

Image via Aleyso Bridger/Instagram

Two Latina icons and and publicist Aleyso Bridger.


Beautiful cupcakes 17

Beautiful cupcakes

Image via Charytín/Instagram

These goodies were waiting for each guest on their place setting.

Shower decor 18

Shower decor

Image via María Morales/Instagram

The party's theme was Victorian femininity, with vintage touches and traditional pastel colors. On the main table were close relatives and friends.


The tables 19

The tables

Image via María Morales/Instagram

The tablecloths had rose petal appliques and the centerpieces were cream and pink flowers.

Another cake 20

Another cake

Image via María Morales/Instagram

This is a second cake and some little details.


On each table 21

On each table

Each table had this heartwarming message from the parents-to-be and little Alaïa. "God's time is perfect," it says, it's beautiful.

Adamari's seat 22

Adamari's seat

Image via Laura Mejía/Instagram

This was Adamari's seat. I love how they put each guest's name on the place settings.