Mom PULLS her twins out of her own body during C-section

Woman assists in her own C-sectionI know a lot of women who have had C-sections and who wish they could have just delivered vaginally. One of the biggest complaints I hear is how impersonal it is, which is why one Australian mom chose to assist in her very own caesarean. No, I'm NOT joking. This lady literally pulled out her own twins from her tummy. Sounds painful, right? Wait until you hear the rest!


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Gerri Wolfe had plenty of C-sections with her previous kids and hated how impersonal it felt. So when she it came time to give birth to her twins, Matilda and Violet, she decided to finally take matters into her own hands--literally! This was going to be her fifth caesarean and she wanted to make sure it wasn't like the rest.

"My other caesareans were very sterile, very surgical, very impersonal," she told Daily Mail Australia. "People were talking about what they did on the weekend without even thinking about me laying on the table, going through this momentous experience of having a baby."

But this time around, Wolfe wanted a maternal assisted caesarean. It's like any other C-section with the exception that the doctor allows the mother to reach into her belly and pull out the baby in the end. The 41-year-old's doctor wasn't having it at first, but after doing some intensive research, he finally gave her the okay. "[The doctor] was quite willing once he realized the risk of infection wasn't as high as he perhaps first thought," Wolfe said. "I came to him and said, 'This is what I need to reclaim my birth--to make it more personal for me, so I can be a good mother.' "

And that's exactly how it went down. A normal C-section was performed and then at the very end the doctor allowed her to reach in and lift out her babies. It was an experience she'll never forget. Wolfe claims it felt just as personal as if she would have had a natural birth.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little weirded out when I first heard this story. Assisting in your own C-section sounds like a freaking nightmare and I couldn't understand why any mother in her right mind would want that. But it all makes sense now and even though I'd probably never have the balls to do it, I applaud any mom who decides to!

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