Super pregnant woman caught having sex in her hospital room

Pregnant woman and her bellyThey say pregnant women get horny as hell during their last trimester. Makes sense considering the fluctuating hormonal situation they have going on. One soon-to-be mom was so horny she was caught boning in her hospital room with her husband. No, really, a cleaning lady caught them both in the act. But wait--it gets better!


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If I were only a few hours away from labor, the last thing on my mind would be screwing my man. What part of your water breaking sounds sexy to you? But apparently it did for one heavily pregnant woman who was caught by a cleaner getting down and dirty in St. Michael's Hospital in Bristol, UK. Hey I'm not judging. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to gets yours even when you're knocked up, right?

So here's what happened. Apparently the woman and her husband were getting down and dirty in one of the units, and other patients on the floor heard all the moaning and groaning. A cleaning lady wound up catching them in the act and went and informed her bosses about it. Luckily, the couple didn't get in any trouble. The cleaning lady discovered that there are no real rules against having sex in St. Michael's Hospital. In fact, the only requirement they have is to put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. How awesome is that?

Listen, there's nothing wrong with a pregnant woman having sex. Last I heard it can't cause any harm to the baby. And obviously the hospital gets that because the only thing they ask for is a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door knob, which they didn't--but who cares! The poor woman was horny. So horny that I don't think she gave two craps if anyone heard her moaning or not. Um, who doesn't like that? I'll take that kind of passionate public sex any day of the week--pregnant or not!

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