baby snow hat and mittensHow would you repay an expectant couple who pulled over during the Buffalo, NY snowstorm to help you get out of your snow covered car while they were on their way to the hospital to deliver their baby? Most people would just send flowers or a generic bear holding a balloon. But one woman took her gratitude a step further. She helped the couple deliver their baby. At a firehouse. During a snowstorm. Because that's just how she rolls.


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Bethany and Jared Hojnacki of Buffalo, NY were headed to the hospital to deliver their baby when they spotted a woman stuck in her car on the side of the road. Being the good Samaritans that they are, the Hojnackis pulled over and scooped the stranded woman out of the snow. I know I'm going to out myself as a terrible person here, but if I had a human being coming out of my hooha during a snowstorm, I probably would have told my hubby to keep it moving. Then again, I would have missed out on the massive amount of good Karma this couple reaped.

The stranded woman turned out to be a pediatric nurse, which came in handy. In the time it took to help the stranded woman out of her car, Bethany's labor had progressed. Making matters worse, the roads were packed with more than 60 inches of snow. They weren't going to make it to the hospital. So the woman accompanied the Hojnackis to a nearby fire station and repaid the Good Samaritan couple with an act of kindness of her own; she delivered their baby girl. Lucy Grace Hojnacki was born just after 9:30p.m. Tuesday. Both mom and baby are said to be happy, healthy and warm.

Karma gets a bad rap for being a witch, but this story proves otherwise. Karma can actually be your bestie. It would do us all good to keep this in mind, especially during these cold winter months. Rack up some good Karmic points this winter by taking the time to perform random acts of kindness. Help your neighbor dig his or her car out of the snow, offer to pick up a few things from the store for your elderly neighbor, or offer to give your gently used winter coats to someone in need. And should you not believe in Karma, then do these things simply out of the kindness of your heart--or at least because you think Santa's watching. Whichever's clever.

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