pregnancy video announcementI'm jaded, yo! I watch pregnancy video announcements and I'm all like whatever because I've seen so many and yes there are a lot of good ones out there, but there are also a ton of ho-hum ones. However, this pregnancy announcement video created by Kat and Kris Camilli of San Francisco which  melds prank hilarity with genuine candid and loving reactions has unjaded my jaded heart. It manages to be funny, sweet and I'm not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye. You have to check it out.

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The Camillis found out they were pregnant in September but wanted to wait until the 12-week sonogram to tell their friends and family. Kat and Kris spent about 8 weeks visiting those they wanted to prank the news to. What they would do is pretend that they were going to take a group photo, but instead they would have the camera set to video and filmed the ensuing reactions that came after Kris would say, "Ok, on the count of 3 -- 1… 2… 3… Kat's pregnant!"

The reactions were then edited into a wonderful video by Kat's brother that is a MUST see. I am very impressed by the effort that went into creating this beautiful montage. I'm also super curious to know how folks managed to keep their mouths shut about it because if it took the Camillis 8 weeks to get to everyone, you know some people knew before others. I wonder if they were sworn to secrecy.

Okay, hit play and check out the announcement! I think you're going to love it.

Wasn't that awesome? That couple is surrounded by much love.

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