Baby Leo smiled for his ultrasound & hasn't stopped since

UltrasoundLeo Hargreaves is the happiest baby in the world and he has an ultrasound photo to prove it. When expectant mom Amy Cregg was thirty-one weeks into her pregnancy, she went to Babybond Ultrasound Direct in Burnley, England to check her baby's progress. When they printed the 4D image they were shocked by what they saw. The baby was smiling! You have to see this picture, it's really something else. Baby Leo was born in June and he is indeed a happy baby.


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Amy and dad Leighton Hargreaves fell in love with their happy baby as soon as they found out they were expecting. Amy said she knew her baby was well and happy because she had an easy pregnancy, but she wasn't expecting a literal confirmation of her baby's personality with the ultrasound photo. All the technicians and hospital staff couldn't believe the image and rightly so. Baby Leo's smile said it all! He was really happy being inside his mom's womb.

I love it! We knew this all along, but it's always great to know that babies really love to be inside mommy's belly. Unborn baby Leo became the star of the ultrasound facility. He was by far the smiliest and happiest baby the radiologist ever captured. According to mom, Leo hasn't stopped smiling since he was born. Amy always finds him smiling in his sleep and he is just a happy baby.

Baby Leo's future is bright because Amy already has lots of offers from different stores and agencies interested in having the baby's smile in their ads. Amy says that she is thinking about the offers and is interested in having the baby modeling but when he is older. Beautiful! The baby's smile is priceless! This story made my day because there's nothing better in the world than the pure innocence of a happy child.

Image via Corbis

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