20 Old wives' tales about pregnancy that are NOT true!

Pregnant, handle with careMisconceptions, myths, old wives' tales? You bet! Everyone has an opinion and prediction when it comes to pregnancy. Some of them are based on some kind of truth, but others are totally whacky. I recently watched a Japanese movie where a pregnant woman was killed because she started to "eat for two" and there was not enough food to feed the entire family. That's one of the common myths about pregnant women that just isn't true. Keep reading because we rounded up some of those pregnancy misconceptions for you and your friends.


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There are countless myths about pregnancy but these are the ones I heard over and over again when I was expecting.

  1. You have to wait at least 3 months after you stop birth control to start trying to get pregnant.
  2. You are not getting pregnant because you are too obsessed about it.
  3. Too much stress is preventing you from becoming pregnant.
  4. Pregnant women shouldn't drink coffee. Fact: as long as you drink less than 200 mg of caffeine you are fine.
  5. If you have bad morning sickness you are having a girl.
  6. If you are carrying high you are having a girl, if you are carrying low it's a boy.
  7. If you crave salty foods you are having a boy.
  8. Heartburn during pregnancy means that your baby will be born with a lot of hair.
  9. Sleeping on your back will suffocate your baby.
  10. Having sex during pregnancy will traumatize your baby.
  11. Eating spicy food during pregnancy will cause premature birth.
  12. Eating sushi is forbidden during pregnancy. Fact: The risk here is salmonella and E. Coli but you can get that bacteria from uncooked chicken, lettuce and meat.  
  13. It's bad to eat fish during pregnancy. Fact: Only certain type of fish that are too high in mercury like mackerel, tuna and shark.
  14. Pregnant women shouldn't get a flu shot. Fact: On the contrary, it's better to get the shot than the actual flu.
  15. Pregnant women shouldn't dye their hair. Fact: As long as you choose an ammonia-free formula, you should be fine.
  16. You shouldn't fly during pregnancy. Fact: If you are on your last trimester you should consult your doctor and airline before flying.
  17. If your mom had a C-section, you'll have one too.
  18. If you were a premature child, your baby will be one too.
  19. You'll only eat pickles and ice-cream. Fact: Women crave and eat different things. Some of them don't even notice any changes until their last trimester.
  20. You have to be happy because you are pregnant. Fact: Your hormones are crazy and you are having mood swings. That's normal!

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