Pregnant panhandler caught driving away in brand new Mercedes Benz

pregnant belly cashSan Diego resident Melissa Smith says she's watched an unidentified pregnant woman beg for money outside the Eastlake Village Center every weekend for the past two weeks. According to Smith, expectant mother and her young son would hold signs reading "Please help," and collect money from charitable shoppers as they pass by. Heartbreaking, right? Well, don't get too choked up just yet. Smith says she suspects the mother-son duo may be a couple of well-off con artists.


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Smith says she was pumping gas at a nearby gas station last weekend when she saw the pair hop into a dark colored Mercedes being driven by an unidentified man. You don't have to be a motor head to know Mercedes Benzes don't come cheap. Smith snapped pics of the car and license plate, and shared them with a local television station who subsequently ran the plates. Well, lo and behold. The pricy car is registered under the woman's name. What's more, it turns out the woman allegedly lives in an apartment that rents for approximately $2,500. So what gives? Is this woman really poor? Is she even pregnant? I don't know about you, but I think this woman is messing with our emotions.

Smith says she spotted the woman and her male companion laughing as they drove off, counting their loot. Oh, wow. That's messed up. Not because they totally made a mockery of people's good deeds. I mean, that's pretty bad. But this woman did so in front of her impressionable young son who, by the way, wasn't even strapped into a car seat. According to Smith, the little boy was bobbing back and forth between the front and back seats. Fail!

We may never know what this woman's deal is. For all we know, this woman may really be poor and the car is a relic from her former life. If that's true, then my heart breaks for her and her son. However, if she isn't poor and this is all just a rouse to make a quick buck, then I can't help but think of her as a no good sinvergüenza. Think of the example she's setting for her son. I hate to think of him growing up to become a hustler. Then again, I hate to think of him growing up in poverty. OMG! There's no winning. No matter how you slice it, this story is fifty shades of cray.

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