Pregnant, phoneThanks to technology and apps more women than ever are getting pregnant because they are finally understanding how their ovulation and menstrual cycle works. More than 20,000 women got pregnant using the 2014 Webby award winner app Glow. The beauty about that app is that it helps women stay in sync with their bodies. We rounded up the best fertility apps on the market to help you and your friends start and grow a family.

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My friends, these apps work and they are all certified. If you or any of your friends is trying to conceive, these apps will help you get there. Watch the following slideshow and learn everything about them.

Image via Corbis

Glow 1


Image via Glow/ Twitter

Glow is the most comprehensive fertility app on the market. This app reads everything in your body from your hormone and stress levels to your ovulation times. It’s like being part of a fertility treatment without paying all the money. It will get your body ready for pregnancy and then help you on every pregnancy stage.


Pink Pad 2

Pink Pad

Image via Pink Pad/ Twitter

Pink Pad is a free app and it’s available for iPhone and Android users. It helps you track you menstrual cycle and keep track of overall health and symptoms. It lets you know when you are ovulating so and when you are not so you can have sex and plan for a family.


WomanLog Calendar 3

WomanLog Calendar

Image via WomanLog Calendar

This app lets you keep track of everything that’s happening in your body. You can record everything from the moment you missed your period to every stage of your pregnancy. It’s one of the most complete calendar apps available.

Get Pregnant 4

Get Pregnant

Image via Get Pregnant/ Google Play


This is one of the most user friendly fertility apps on the market right now. You simply have to input all your information about your last menstrual cycle and other health issues and it will tell you the best time to have sex. It will also let you know if your body is ready for pregnancy six months in advance.


Kindara 5


Image via Kindara/ Twitter

This app also measures your body’s basal body temperatures and cervical fluids. It gives you an accurate reading of your hormone levels and lets you know when you are ovulating. This app will help you get pregnant and understand how your reproductive system works.  


Ovia Fertility 6

Ovia Fertility

Image via Ovia Fertility

Developed by a Harvard scientist, the Ovia fertility app is very accurate. It’s rated the number one ovulation predictor and based on its ratings, countless women got pregnant using this technology. It's user friendly and it will tell you which days and times are best for conceiving by measuring your hormone levels.


Fertility Clock 7

Fertility Clock

Image via Fertility Clock

This app is perfect if you want to get pregnant or avoid a pregnancy. Basically it lets you record your period and determines the accurate time you are ovulating. It also reads your hormones levels so it tells you when you are more fertile.

Baby Forecast 8

Baby Forecast

Image via Baby Forecast/ iTunes

This app not only tells you when it’s the best time to get pregnant based on the information you input about your period and ovulation cycle, but will also tell you if you are pregnant. Wait, it gets even better! This app can also guess the sex of your baby so you’ll know if you are having a boy or a girl.


Bioclock Fertility 9

Bioclock Fertility

Image via Bioclock Fertility/ iTunes

This app is ideal for women that are trying to get pregnant and are pregnant. As the name indicates this app records every stage and milestone of your pregnancy. It has different types of calendar for both regular and irregular periods. It's personalized and you’ll be able to predict your next menstrual cycle.

Fertilla 10


Image via Fertilla

This is one of the most accurate apps in the market because it measures your cervical fluid and basal body temperature patterns to determine when you are the most fertile. It really walks you through every step as if you are having an expensive fertility treatment. It’s very effective.