Is Jessica Biel really pregnant?

A new celeb couple may be preparing to spread their godly genes into this universe and we're losing our coconuts over it! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are reportedly expecting their first baby together after two years of marriage. While the Timberlakes have yet to confirm the baby news, the tabloids have been having a field day about Jessica's rumored baby bump. Is she or isn't she? Her Instagram account may be dropping more hints than you think. A ver.  


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A source close to the couple told Radar Online exclusively, "Jessica is at least three months pregnant. And she's due in April!" The insider also revealed that Biel rather stay quiet about the baby news since she had trouble conceiving in the past. If that is the case, I'm sure she rather go public about the news once she has not choice and she is big enough to show. It must be so difficult to go through a miscarriage or infertility while being in the public eye.

Jessica's Instagram account also hints to a possible mini Jessica or Justin on the way. She hasn't posted a full-length photo of herself since the end of August and in July she recorded a video of herself doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with family members. This baby could actually be real and not just media hype!

We kissed Ryan Gosling farewell when he had a baby with Eva Mendes and I guess we'll have to do the same with Justin. Thanks, Jessica. She seems like a pretty low-key celeb (some may even call her "boring"), but I think she just likes to stay away from the limelight. Since her gigs have slowed down, now she could focus on starting a family. I'll just keep stalking her Instagram until she starts showing. Sigh. 

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