SEE: Pregnant models in lingerie are the best thing EVER!

pregnant model in lingerieOh my GODDESS, I just saw images of what can only be described as hot moms-to-be strutting the runway for Lingerie Fashion Week and it made me all kinds of happy. These mamacitas look hot and I LOVE that a brand that is marketing lingerie to moms and moms-to-be actually pays tribute to the beauty of pregnancy by using honest to goodness pregnant women in their runway shows.


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The models are in You! Lingerie, which was created by Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger because she had such a difficult time finding affordable sexy lingerie when she was pregnant. Don't I know that struggle. If you want affordable maternity pregnancy garments they tend to be pretty boring and if you want sexy ones, they can cost more than you are willing or able to spend.

I ended up settling for sports bras I could easily whip a breast out of to nurse, these didn't make me feel particularly attractive when I wasn't nursing and I can tell you that not once did my hubby tell me my "nursing bras" were hot, but had I been wearing something like this, I'm sure he would have noticed!

Pregnant Women in Lingerie

Aren't the undergarments beautiful and don't the models in all their stages of pregnancy look GORGEOUS?! I love that the bras in this particular series have this sort of sexy ribbony stuff giong on around the unclasping spot for the cups where nursing bras usually give themselves away with some kind of ugly plastic clasp. Instead of trying to hide that these are nursing bras, the design here seems to playfully decorate the undergarments and give them an attractive twist.

I'm sure there are people in this uptight world who will find the idea of pregnant women on the runway in nothing but chonies some kind of scandalous, but I am not one of those people. I find it exciting and inspiring. I wish I would have seen more images like this when I was pregnant.

Images via You-Lingerie/Facebook,  You-Lingerie/Facebook

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