Shakira shows off her baby bump in seriously sexy outfit!

Shaki's hips still are not lying. Shakira's baby bump is the cutest thing we have seen in a while and she looks better than ever! Shaki and Gerard Pique are expecting their second child together and confirmed the news earlier this summer. The cute couple is expecting a little brother for baby Milan in January 2015. We have spotted Shakira rocking glam and casual outfits during her pregnancy and we have to say she looks amazing all of the time! 


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Shakira has been trying to stay low-key, but she shared this pic of her and Gerard heading to an event last night. I love her look! Shakira's maternity style is edgy without going overboard. She goes with classic colors that have modern prints like this jacket with a silver snake-print and that she wore on a night out with Gerard.

Most of the time, Shakira is totally dressed down in jeans and a casual top. I have to admit, her style has gotten better over the years. Her "Whenever, Wherever" days were filled with leather pants and belly shirts that got old pretty quickly.

Now she sticks to simple and flattering silhouettes, which is key when you're expecting too. She is petite and often wears wedges or high heels to give her body more length.

What are more of Shakira's style secrets? Shakira previously revealed in an interview:

I'm a jeans girl. I love being in my old pair of jeans. I love Alaia. He's one of my favorite designers and people in the world. He's a good friend. I love Helmet Lang and Versace. My Helmet Lang T-shirts are like a faithful dog. Something that's always there and you can rely on.

Ok, we may not be able to afford Versace or high-end couture clothes, but at least we can get inspired by her outfits. 

Image via Shakira/Instagram

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