36 Bilingual baby names inspired by places around the world

baby names inspired by locations Naming a child is an awesome responsibility. You can drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect name AND everyone else can drive you crazy trying to give you suggestions. You get suggestions whether you want them or not. You'll get suggestions even if you say you aren't taking suggestions. It's like people can't stop themselves. Phew! Take a breath, relax, give yourself a moment and then go with your gut. You can find inspiration in all sorts of places even actual places themselves. Yes, as in geographical places like cities, islands, countries and continents. There are some beautiful baby names inspired by geography to choose from.


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Really, there are so many beautifully named places that you could grab a globe, spin it and find inspiration anywhere your finger lands. I put together a list of possible names inspired by geography, but I narrowed it down a bit for you. For me it was important to find names for my children that would sound beautiful in both English and Spanish.

The 36 baby names inspired by places below are all names that will sound beautiful whether they are pronounced by someone speaking in English or an abuela speaking en español. Check then out and tell me which are your favorites.


Africa (continent)
Alma (Australia)
Andorra (country)
America (North or South)
Araya (Venezuela)
Aruba (country)
Asunción (Paraguay)
Belen (Palestine or the United States)
Carolina (North or South in the United States)
Casilda (Cuba)
Catalina (United States)
Dakota (North or Sount in the United States)
Kenya (country)
Isabela (Puerto Rico)
Lalibela (Ethiopia)
Lucia (country)
Mali (country)
Margarita (Venezuela)
Mariana ( Mariana Islands)
Mercedes (Uruguay)
Milagro (Ecuador)
Miranda (Venezuela)
Morelia (Mexico)
Paz (Argentina)
Paris (France)
Rosario (Argentina)
Siena (Italy)
Sofia (Bulgaria)
Valencia (Spain)
Virgina (United States)


Dakota (North or South in the United States)
Leon (Spain)
Melo (Uruguay)
Milan (Italy)
Salvador (Brazil)
Santiago (Cuba or Chile)

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