Baby showers have traditionally been glamorous, feminine, and gorgeous events, and a special time to celebrate the moms-to-be. New trends are always popping up for the celebration, including stunning flower walls and photobooths. But on the other hand, the trend to have weird and inappropriate baby shower cakes have also taken over the festive occasion. It seems like the racier the sweets are, the more attention your bash will get.

Amy Schumer and Christina Aguilera are among the celebrities who have celebrated their sweet bundles of joy with a gory baby shower cake that made us all cringe and laugh at the same time! While we are always down for a good giggle, some of the popular baby shower cakes are really insane. It's natural that some people have different senses of humor but some of the cake photos that have been circulating around the web will seriously give you nightmares. While some cakes are replicas of vaginas in the process of giving birth, others show a baby clawing its way out of its mother's belly. How sick is that? 

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What's mesmerizing is the incredible attention to detail that some people added to their baked creations, with some even including the umbilical cord as part of their design. There are definitely boundaries being pushed with some of these cakes and for some people, they might even be too gruesome-looking to eat.

But if over-the-top is your style, there's no judgment here. You might even find some inspiration for your controversial cake from our list. Check out some of the weirdest and most inappropriate baby shower cakes around right now! Beware: you may end up losing your appetite! Some of these are truly out of this world.

Amy Schumer received an peculiar cake from her sister-in-law. 1

The pregnant actress shared photos of the cake, which had a baby doll's head sticking out of the cake, and it had quite a lot of detail. "My sister in law. And I can’t stress that enough IN LAW. surprised me with a horrifying cake and i can’t thank her enough," she captioned. "So I won’t thank her at all. @mofischhh something is truly wrong with you and i love you. #haunting #butthole."


This cake is a replica of a newborn in fetal position. 2

Nothing takes your appetite away like staring at a bloody umbilical cord. The scissors right next to it and the baby's blue tone gives it a gory touch. We will pass on this one. 


This alien baby cake makes us wonder where we went wrong as people. 3

I'm all about the Predator movies, but an alien cake would keep me up at night. This bloody one with his little teeth poking out is not one bit appetizing. 

Christina Aguilera participated in the weird baby shower trend. 4

When the singer was pregnant in 2014, she had a cake of a woman giving birth to celebrate her baby shower. Whatever floats your boat, X-Tina! 


Who in their mind would want a bloody baby cake at their shower? 5

This is giving us flashbacks of Steven King's movie Carrie! This is actually making my whole body hurt as I type. Strawberry cake will never look the same in my eyes.


Someone actually used a Barbie giving birth on their cake. 6

Someone actually used a Barbie giving birth on their cake.

Casey Marie/Pinterest

This is probably one of the strangest positions a Barbie doll has ever been in. At least she isn't edible on the baby shower cake


There were so many details in this cake that left us in disbelief. 7

There's something so disturbing about this cake, from the strawberries to symbolize the blood to the dolls head, it's just wrong. The chocolate sprinkles to symbolize pubic hair are also a rather interesting choice. 

Nicole Richie is another celebrity who has fallen victim to the trend. 8

Nicole shared this photo from her friend's baby shower and it's a woman giving birth! It had the words "Push, Simone. Push!" written around it. Yikes.


A guy shared a pic of the special treats his girlfriend brought home from a baby shower. 9

"My girlfriend went to a baby shower and brought back some chocolate. I can't eat it," he wrote on Reddit. Tiny babies made out of chocolate might sound like a good idea but once you take one good look at this picture and it's clear to see why people would be too horrified to eat it.

We don't mind the pun on this prison baby cake. 10

An Orange Is The New Black fan would probably love this cake, but many wouldn't want to think of their baby "doing time" anywhere, especially while wearing a prison suit. No thanks!


How disturbing is this 'Mommy Dearest' inspired cake? 11

In the Mommy Dearest movie, the mom beats her daughter repeatedly with a clothing hanger. Not very festive, appetizing or appropriate. Yikes.

A baby riding carrots sounds like a really strange dream in cake form. 12

There is just something about babies riding carrots that seems, I don't know, wrong. We hope, at least, that they were serving carrot cake to make up for the weird decor.


Got leche? Something tells us the baker might've been a man. 13

Only a pervert would order something like this! Keep this for the bachelorette party! At least the baby looks really cute.

This bikini cake is so confusing. 14

This bikini cake is so confusing.

Kayla Logan/Pinterest

Why are the baby's feet and arms sticking out? This will definitely spark awkward conversation at a baby shower. At least it will get people talking, I guess?


This person must have had a Halloween-themed baby shower. 15

This person must have had a Halloween-themed baby shower.

Kyla Logan/Pinterest 

It might work for Halloween, but I do not want to see a demon baby popping out of anyone's baby shower cake. Those eyes are enough to cause nightmares! 

This cake is honestly difficult to explain. 16

We're guessing this momma-to-be was expecting a baby boy, which explains the outfit on the cake. But we cannot tell you what that floating baby is all about.


This one isn't at all creepy but the message is just a little too honest. 17

Sometimes people don't plan pregnancies, and this couple made a joke about their little surprise baby on their baby shower cake with a lighthearted, "Whoops."

Baby feet are usually so cute, but not in this case. 18

We see where the baker was going with this but it didn't quite work. The baby is supposed to be sleeping and his little feet are showing under the blanket, but from this angle is looks so strange.


These C-section cakes are just too much. 19

Not to judge but who would want this type of cake at their baby shower? The little baby hand sticking out the momma's belly is making us dizzy. 

This cake is literally the worst thing ever. 20

Is this baby clawing his way out of the belly? Honestly, this is too much.