5 Things every mami should do to prepare for baby

A new baby comes with plenty of changes, but being prepared is the best way to cope with all of the nerve-wrecking and wonderful newness on the way. You want to make sure to kick your procrastination to the curb and be ready for when the baby arrives! Here are five easy ways to be prepared to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. 


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Get that belly moving: Working out during pregnancy has plenty of health benefits for you and your baby. According to a study by the journal BMC Medicine, women who worked out during pregnancy were less likely to give birth to babies with severe respiratory issues and had reduced length of time in the hospital. Also, women who remain active during pregnancy experience a shorter labor than those who don't. You may not be up for doing hardcore squats like Ninel Conde, but registering for prenatal yoga is a way to strengthen your core muscles while helping you with breathing techniques. 

Listen to your cravings, but don't go crazy: There is a difference between eating for two and over-eating. Stick to a diet of about 340 extra calories in your diet during your second trimester and 450 extra calories in your third trimester. You want to make sure your baby stays a healthy weight since larger babies are more likely to have health issues like low blood sugar and the skin condition jaundice. A healthy diet will also help limit your heartburn and discomfort. 

Get your ZZZ's: Resting and getting proper amount of sleep is super important during pregnancy. Although, it could be a struggle. Many women experience an increase in heart rate, backache or heartburn when they are expecting, which could make it very difficult to sleep. Some doctors suggest resting on your side and getting a body pillow to help with comfort. Avoid eating a full meal or drinking caffeinated drinks before bedtime. 

Start thinking about childcare now: If you plan on going back to work after maternity leave, start thinking about childcare options while pregnant. Once the baby is born, it may add to your stress to have this task lingering. Most day-cares start taking applications early on and you don't want to miss that window. If you want a family member to take care of the baby instead, you should let them know early on for peace of mind and courtesy sake. 

Organize, organize, organize: No procrastination here! Make sure you have a checklist of baby necessities that you didn't get from your shower registry. Once you have everything checked off, clear away storage closets and start placing baby items in their place so everything is clear and ready when your bundle of joy arrives. You will be relieved, relaxed and ready for what mamihood throws at you. 

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