Paulina Rubio might be PREGNANT! ​

Paulina RubioPregnancy chisme alert, amigas! This is a juicy one too. Okay, so rumor has it that Mexican singer and actress, Paulina Rubio, might be pregnant. You guys, she might have a little birote in the oven and that's kind of a big deal given that Rubio is not exactly a spring chicken. I mean she looks great, fit, youthful and all, but her ovaries and the rest of her are 43 years old, an age that is considered a bit advanced for pregnancy. Of course it's not impossible nor unheard of to get pregnant in your 40s, but I'm simply bringing up the obvious because it's, well, OBVIOUS.

So back to the pregnancy rumor and some more details about it ...


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According to these Paulina Rubio pregnancy rumors that are being disseminated by TV Notas, Rubio could possibly be pregnant with her 30-year-old boyfriend Gerardo Bazúa's baby and she won't be making an announcement until she is in her second trimester. Oh, and get this, the supposed pregnancy came about with the help of IVF (in vitro fertilization).

What gives the rumors a bit of credence is that Rubio does seem to be making some interesting choices in life lately. To begin with, she canceled the release of her newest album which she finished recording in July. The other thing is that it is said that when she guest starred on the TV show Jane the Virgin she asked that her clothing be comfy. Hmmm, correct me if I'm wrong, but Paulina Rubio isn't really known for wearing comfy clothing is she?

¿Quién sabe? Only time will tell, but if she is pregnant or trying to become pregnant, I wish her the very best.

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