New mom gives birth to twins & didn't even know she was pregnant!​

Shelby Magnani was having some painful stomach cramps and she decided to go to the nearest walk-in clinic in a neighborhood in Ankeny, Iowa. It turned out that Shelby was very much pregnant with twins and had no idea. When the emergency doctors performed an ultrasound they realized that the babies were monoamniotic and they scheduled an emergency C-section. Baby Ava and her twin sister Anna were born small but otherwise healthy and will go home in a couple of weeks.


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Shelby's fiancé James Croskey, had no idea he was going to be a dad and wasn't even planning for it. Suddenly the man has twin girls and he is in shock. The worst part of the story is not that the couple was having twins, but that the babies were at high risk because they were monoamniotic. That's a rare condition in which twins share the same placenta and amniotic sac. The condition is dangerous and normally fifty percent of this type of twins dies because they are strangled by the umbilical cord. Luckily, for the unknowing parents, their newborn girls were born alive and healthy.

Wow! This is a double whammy! First of all, I don't buy the statement that Shelby didn't know she was pregnant because that's impossible. She was already thirty-four weeks when she walked in with the cramps and she was carrying twins. I don't know how big  her body is, but I'm pretty sure it's not big enough to hide two babies without noticing. I can't understand the clueless fiancé, but I'm having a hard time believing her story. She probably wanted to become a mother and didn't have a supportive fiancé and I applaud her decision.

Shelby and James are very happy with their newborn girls and are planning on creating their own business as soon as they graduate from their studies. The newborns weighed in at only four pounds, three ounces each and they need to stay at the hospital for a couple of weeks until they gain more weight. Shelby is in seventh heaven with her precious babies and she says that she loves them more than anything in the world. We know the feeling, Shelby, welcome to motherhood and enjoy your princesses.

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