Kourtney Kardashian needs to dump Scott Disick already

I guess having two children and one on the way hasn't taught this man to grow up. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's relationship keeps getting more distant as her baby bump keeps on growing. The reality television star apparently continues to party and leave his pregnant girlfriend at home alone. His reaction to her third pregnancy was reason enough to kick him to the curb! This should really be the last straw. Scott Disick was photographed partying with half naked women last night in Las Vegas. The photo is so annoying that I would have instantly shown Scott the door...


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A source close the couple told Hollywood Life, "The fool is out and about, clubbing and s***, drinking like the world is about to end. He's a mess. A hot, toxic mess." Okay, here's the thing. Scott has been a hot mess way before Kourtney decided to have kids with him. The 35-year-old eldest Kardashian sister has tried couple's therapy, but it doesn't seem like any of it has been working.

How much more is this woman going to put up with? I probably shouldn't judge since I don't actually know these people, but they have been on television for nine seasons airing out their crap. The saddest part is that they have the most adorable family together, but what man goes out to party with sexy women while his very pregnant girlfriend sits at home. I get that he is probably getting paid to party, but there has to be another way to bring home the bacon at this point. He needs to call up Kourtney's mom Kris Kardashian and try to get an endorsement or a book deal. Something. Anything besides this.

I don't know when Kourtney is officially going to split from Scott (if ever), but I hope she does it before she gives birth to their third child. The kids are still young enough to adapt to the situation. Now it just seems like their mom needs to snap out of it already. She deserves more than getting treated like a side chick.  

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