3 Ways to avoid baby name regret

A recent survey uncovered that over half of new parents end up with baby name regret. Out of the thousand parents questioned, 49 percent admitted that they felt the name they chose just didn't end up fitting the baby's personality. Others felt like the name they picked became too popular and wasn't unique enough. It may seem like a doomed situation that you can't take back, but there are ways to avoid baby name regret. Who has time to change a name on a birth certificate anyway? 


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1. Stick with a name that has meaning: Some Latino parents love getting creative with their names. For example, combining male and female names or adding a "ly" to the end of a classic name. It may sounds cute at first, but the name could quickly lose steam if it doesn't have meaning attached to it. Go with a symbolic name or one given to an ancestor. Knowing that there is family history or that it means a special characteristic will help avoid name regret. 

2. Wait until you meet the baby to decide: If you're about to give birth and are still indecisive about your baby's name, don't pick a name simply because you feel the pressure to. More and more parents are deciding to hold off on naming the baby until after they meet the child. The fact is that 17 percent of parents chose a baby name after the child arrives and about eight percent wait a few days or up to a week to decide. Your baby will be nameless for a couple of days, but at least you won't suffer from name regret for the rest of your life. If you announced your unborn baby's name and are having regrets it is still early enough to have a change of heart. 

3. Give the baby a middle name or a nickname: As a back-up, you can always let the middle name trump the first name. Of course, that means you have to pick a middle name that would be worth showcasing as the baby's main name. What else were middle names made for? If you end up regretting that too, then having a cute nickname is always the appropriate plan C. 

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