5 Ways to save designing your nursery

Decorating a baby nursery can be fun, but also costly. According to Baby Center, most parents spend at least $1,500 decorating the nursery. Wouldn't it be nice to save some of that cash for your child's future or for the rest of your household? We have tricks for decorating a baby nursery on a budget. Yes, you don't have to break the bank for a cute baby room. We promise. 


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Invest in a convertible crib: Don't fall for the trap of splurging on a baby crib made out of organic wood or vintage parts. Most cribs only last you about 18 months. Be practical and invest in a convertible crib that can easily turn into a toddler bed. This way you will get more bang for your buck and will have less to worry about once they outgrow the baby crib.  

Skip the expensive baby bedding: Luxury baby bedding can cost a fortune and can easily run you up about $800. Trust us, your newborn won't care that he or she is sleeping on 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Go for basic cotton or flannel bed sheets so you are able to spend more on the quality of your baby's mattress.

Add wall art with decals or wallies: Framed artwork and wall accessories can add up and won't provide any added use to the room. Instead, go for a decorative wall decal or "wallies" that will add a nice focal point to the baby room without having to spend so much money. The most a package of decals will run you is around $20. Pretty sweet deal.

Skip the changing table: If you want to save money and space, you can easily create your own changing table on top of a dresser. All you need to purchase is a changing pad that fits your dresser's surface area. Skipping these piece of furniture alone will save you about $200.

Make your final accessories count: Avoid over-buying by making sure almost every item in your baby room serves a practical purpose. Low-cost hampers and storage units can add a decorative feel and help the room look complete.  

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