Zoe Saldana has to be one of the prettiest pregnant women I've ever seen in my life. She was glowing at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hollywood Costume Opening party last week, locking arms with her handsome artist hubby, Marco Perego. Not only did she look gorgeous but she seemed very comfortable and confident. What's this chica's secret? Well for starters, Zoe doesn't believe in neglecting your looks while pregnant. She even spoke about it in an interview with People magazine.

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Like most Latinas, Zoe likes to stay on top of her appearance. Her hair, makeup and outfits are always on point. And she's not the kind of woman that's going to let that all go down the drain just because she's pregnant. "I just wear what feels comfortable. But whatever it is you're feeling internally, doesn't mean that you have to look it," she shared with People magazine. "If you're having morning sickness, please don't dress like a 'morning sick' person. Make an effort and look beautiful because it's a beautiful time."

Zoe was pretty in pink at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hollywood Costume Opening party wearing a floor length gown that featured a high-low hemline and a cotton-candy shade that brightened her gorgeous complexion. The girl looked beyond gorgeous and she's not the only Latina celebrity who looked this good while pregnant. Here are 10 other of my favorite stars who looked positively stunning during pregnancy. Check them out!

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Adamari Lopez 1

Adamari Lopez

Image via Adamari Lopez/Instagram

I couldn't be happier for Adamari Lopez and her fiance Toni Costa who are expecting their first child. She announced the baby news with this adorable pregnancy picture. Tell me she doesn't look amazing! And you know what, after surviving cancer, divorcing her ex Luis Fonsi and losing her mother to cancer--she definitely deserves it!


Snooki 2


Image via Snooki/Instagram

The 26-year-old reality star and her fiance Jionni LaValle recently welcomed their adorable daughter, Giovannia Marie LaVall. And Snooki has lost a ton of weight since. But that's because Snooki took pretty good care of herself while she was preggos. She ate in moderation and she even worked out. See how fabulous she looked!


Christina Aguilera 3

Christina Aguilera

Image via Xtina/Instagram

Christina Aguilera looked even better during her second pregnancy with her daughter Summer Rain than she looked with her son Max. She was all belly this time around and her face looked radiant!

Jacky Bracamontes 4

Jacky Bracamontes

Image via Jacky Bracamontes/Instagram

Jacky Bracamontes should just always be pregnant. She gives birth to the prettiest little girls and looks amazing doing so! This was her a few months before having little Carolina.


Shakira 5


Image via Shakira/Instagram

Shakira didn't post too many baby bumps pictures while she was pregnant with Milan, but when she did they were adorable. Here's one of the pictures she shared on Instagram. Hopefully she puts up more now with her current pregnancy!


Penelope Cruz 6

Penelope Cruz

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Penelope looked amazing even while she was 7 months pregnant with her and hubby Javier Bardem's second child. She kept her look cool and chic with skinny blue jeans, a leather jacket and wedge sneakers. I loved those blunt bangs too!


Jessica Alba 7

Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba wore a lot of bold and bright colors while pregnant with her second child, daughter Haven. It added to the glow!

Camila Alves 8

Camila Alves

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Brazilian beauty, Camila Alves embraced her pregnancy by wearing bodycon dresses that showed off her baby bump. She looked amazing!


Alessandra Ambrosio 9

Alessandra Ambrosio

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The Victoria's Secret model wore high heels almost throughout her entire pregnancy with her second child, son Noah. I'm impressed!

Adriana Lima 10

Adriana Lima

Image via Getty Images

Adriana Lim was all belly while pregnant with her daughter, Sienna and man did she look stunning!