Woman born without a uterus gives birth to miracle baby

A 36-year-old woman who was born without a uterus has finally given birth for the first time ever. The baby boy was born prematurely but still healthy, weighing 4 lbs. How amazing is that? I know what you're probably thinking, how in the world can someone get pregnant without a uterus? Well they can't, that's why this story is so incredible. Wait until you hear the entire thing!


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The unnamed 36-year-old woman from Sweden probably never thought she could have a child. That is until her 61-year-old family friend who had already gone through menopause, generously donated her uterus. I'm so impressed. It really takes a very special kind of person to donate their uterus to someone. But that's not the only remarkable part of this story.

For most women with non-functioning wombs, surrogacy is usually their only option because with womb transplants come plenty of problems and risks. In fact, according to BBC.com, two other medical teams have attempted womb transplants before with none success. The wombs either got infected or had to be removed or resulted in miscarriages. But nothing went wrong for this Swedish woman. Not only did she have a good pregnancy but her premature baby was born healthy too. Even her husband couldn't believe it. "It was a pretty tough journey over the years, but we now have the most amazing baby," he told BBC. "He's no different from any other child, but he will have a good story to tell."

So are womb transplants like a thing now? Apparently doctors are looking to do it for other women who have either lost their womb, suffered from cancer or have deformed or scarred wombs. But it's still a relatively new procedure and its safety and effectiveness still isn't confirmed. "I think it's brilliant and revolutionary and opens the door to many infertile women," Dr. Allan Pacey, chairman of the British Fertility Society told BBC. "The scale of it feels a bit like IVF. It feels like a step change. The question is can it be done repeatedly, reliably and safely."

Could you imagine how great it would be if womb transplants became successful? There are some women out there with non-functioning wombs, desperate to start their own families. This Swedish woman's experience might be the beginning of a very, very beautiful thing!

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