Baby Emmanuel is almost ready to make his grand entrance to the world! Ninel Conde's baby boy has had plenty attention straight from the womb! The Mexican star is expected to give birth in the next two weeks and recently posted a 3D sonogram image of her little baby. Those grey sonogram pics are as freaky as they are endearing and by the looks of it, little baby E is going to be one handsome little guy. 


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The 38-year-old star has been documenting cute little details of her pregnancy and sharing every bit of them with fans on social media. Ninel posted the 3D sonogram pic with the caption, "36 weeks. In two weeks I will meet you, baby Emmanuel." How cute!

Conde has been so positive about her pregnancy despite all of the nasty chismes that were sparked earlier on about her break-up with Giovanni Medina and her rumored abortion. Ninel and Gio are still happily together and she calls him a very "caring dad."

Ninel became a tabloid favorite after she ended her 7-year marriage with Juan Zepeda last summer and quickly moved on with Medina. Her baby daddy previously dated Eiza Gonzalez and Belinda and was accused of being physically and emotionally abusive. Conde doesn't seem to give all of the negative coverage on him one bit of attention. In an interview, Ninel Conde talked about her relationship, "Giovanni is a very important person in my life, now I have a real man by my side and don't pay attention to the gossip that claims he's aggressive, opportunistic, and a beater."

Hopefully he is a good man. Divorce must be extremely difficult and Ninel is trying to move on with her life. Sure, she makes poor decisions sometimes, but who doesn't? People deserve a fresh start and for Ninel this baby represents just that. His mouth is open in the sonogram photo and he is probably saying, "Haters gonna hate." 

Images via Ninel Conde/Instagram

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