Miracles happen in unexpected ways. A Utah couple struggled with infertility for nearly eight years and recently discovered they are pregnant with two sets of identical twins. Talk about getting what you wish for. The 27-year-old mom to be was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disorder that makes excess tissue grow outside of the uterus, which makes it very difficult to conceive. Ashley and Tyson Gardner got pregnant with IVF treatments and miraculously ended up with one of the rarest types of pregnancies. Their reaction when finding out the baby news was priceless!  


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Due to her condition, Ashley's changes of getting pregnant were only 40 percent, but the Gardner's refused to give up on having a family. Once they discovered that they were pregnant with two sets of twins, the couple had expressions of complete and utter shock. Of course, they are thrilled about the news, but expecting one child and ending up with four is quite the challenge. Ashley and Tyson have been blessed with an extremely rare case of pregnancy--with a one in 70 million shot of ending up with these types of quadruplets.

Tyson spoke to CNN about his new growing family and whether he is ready for what's to come. "The honest answer is I don't know if you can prepare for this," he said. "It's happening so fast we're just trying to survive every day. The only thing we really care about at this point is the health of our babies," Tyson added. Well, at least he is an honest man! I don't think anyone could be prepared for expecting these many babies at once. I think I would have fainted at the doctor's office!

Ashley and Tyson are expecting all girls. They have started a Facebook page titled A Miracle Unfolding-Garner Quadruplets, which currently has over 100,000 likes. We are officially fans and super excited for the couple. I think they totally need their own reality television show! Especially since they could use the extra checks...

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