Skinny woman bullies pregnant moms who put on extra weight

I'm so sick of hearing moms talking crap about other moms. The latest bully is a mother and writer from the UK, Sadie Nicholas. This woman submitted an article to the Daily Mail about how women use pregnancy as an excuse to get fat. Are you freaking kidding me? She brags about how she didn't put on any excess weight and talks about how grossed out she gets by food cravings women expecting have. What the hell is wrong with this chick?


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"Sitting in the waiting room of the antenatal clinic I was aghast at the sight of the women around me. To my left, a lady awaiting a 20-week scan munched her way through an enormous bag of crisps. It was barely 10am," she wrote. Ugh! "All around me I spotted arms, chins, thighs and bottoms. Dimpled, corpulent flesh was everywhere. If it weren't for the pregnancy bumps, this easily could be mistaken for a slimming club meeting. Only at a slimming club. There is a sense of shame, or responsibility and desire to change."

How nasty is this woman? And I hate to say it, but it gets even worse. She even posted pictures of herself four weeks before she was due and the chick hardly had a bump. I'm telling you she hardly looked pregnant. She even had the nerve to write how women envied her for that. "In a word she was seized by jealousy--the green-eyed monster that seems to turn the most sensible and intelligent of women into bile-spitting harpies when faced with something they wish they had." How narcissistic is this woman?

Nicholas even tried comparing her experience to Kate Middleton's. First of all, Kate was on the slimmer side when she was pregnant but she had a real-looking bump and I'm pretty sure she wasn't starving herself. She also didn't lose her belly overnight either. I'm glad this writer gave birth to a happy, healthy son but that doesn't mean there weren't risk with her overly cautious eating habits. And even if she was supposedly eating properly, who is she to put other moms down for eating a little more?

She claims she's a victim of mommy bullying and yet she's doing the same exact thing. She's putting women down for putting on extra weight, for feeding into cravings and that's just wrong. Sorry, the only thing on most mom's minds during those nine months is their baby--not their bodies!

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