Snooki: "Epidural saved my life!​"

Snooki is having real mommy problems and is not shy about them. The reality star who recently gave birth to baby Giovanna said that labor was excruciating and she was happy to get and epidural. You would have expected that she knew everything about having babies the second time around, but apparently she was shocked. Snooki arrived at the hospital when she was seven centimeters dilated and she was "dying" with contractions pain.


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Snooki is no stranger to motherhood, she and fiancé Jionni LaValle had their first baby, Lorenzo, two years ago. She said that the experiences she had with the two births were completely different. With Lorenzo she received the epidural right away and didn't endure any painful contractions, but with baby Giovanna she was in agony and felt like dying. Well, people say that when it comes to children, a mother never has two of the same. The star was afraid she was going to have her baby without painkillers, but thankfully the doctors arrived just in time.

Snooki felt she had a million knives piercing her uterus and she thought she was going to pass out. The mother of two developed a profound respect for mothers who deliver their babies naturally without medication and to them, she expressed: "You are my heroes. You are amazing. You are freaking' awesome". Yes, Snooki, they really are!

The outspoken star confessed on her Podcast show Naturally Nicole that her boobs are killing her and she feels her nipples are going to fall off. Clearly she is talking about breastfeeding baby Giovanna who came out of the womb hungry and ready to latch on. Like most babies, Giovanna prefers the breast and Snooki feeds her every hour. Impressive!

I'm glad to see that Snooki survived giving birth and is happy breastfeeding her little princess. Even though her nipples are sore beyond belief, I'm sure she is happy to have her baby girl on her breast. She can't wait to start pumping milk and relieve her ready-to-fall-off nipples. Congratulations and good luck!

Image via @Snooki/Twitter

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