5 Mistakes parents make when picking baby names

Crazy names? You've heard them all, especially when it comes to celebrities' offsprings. They name their children after food, colors and even objects. It's getting a bit out of hand, don't you think? I mean, these poor kids have to grow up and use those names... If they don't follow their famous parents' footsteps, they'll be screwed!

Naming a child is difficult. Fortunately, these days there are lots of apps, books and websites dedicated to finding the perfect baby name. We are going to tell you what NOT to do when choosing your baby's name.


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You want your baby's name to be unique, exotic, refreshing and with a hint of personality, but so does every other parent. Sometimes looking for that perfect name can get you into trouble, so follow these tips so you can avoid mistakes:

1. Letting others choose for you: Too many cooks in the kitchen? Not when it comes to naming your baby! You and your husband should be the only ones involved because 8 percent of parents regret their name choices. Don't schedule a brainstorming section with your family because you'll be confused and might end up choosing something by force.

2. Difficult to pronounce: You know how that name sounds Italian, French or German but others don't. Don't choose names that are foreign and difficult to pronounce if you are not prepared to correct people constantly. Not everybody is as sophisticated as you think and you'll be upset when your child is called many different names.

3. It has a commonly used nickname: This is a big one! You are thinking of Charles (with a thick English accent) or Nathaniel (melodic French) and you think that's how it's going to sound forever, wrong! It's going to be more like Chuck and Nat. If you are not prepared to lose the name to a nickname research a name before.

4. Wait until the last minute: The perfect name won't magically show up when you meet your baby. You are exhausted, you can't think straight and when the nurse brings you the birth certificate paperwork your mind goes blank. You rush, and that's when you name your baby after what you see in your room.

5. Androgynous names: If your goal is to shock people naming your boy with a girl sounding name or vice versa, then androgynous is perfect. But keep in mind that, according to a study by the Education Finance and Policy, giving boys "girly names" could affect their behavior. Think about it, they are sitting in a classroom and there are three Jamies, your boy and two other girls. Awkward?!

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