30 Beautiful baby names inspired by Spanish words​

baby namesYou can find baby names inspiration just about anywhere. Some people look to family for inspiration, whereas others look to telenovelas. And then there are those people who just take a random jumble of syllables and mash them together and slap them on their baby's birth certificate. Hey, to each their own.


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I'm in love with baby names that aren't actually names at all—they're words! I know, I know. I'm a bit biased. After all, my middle name is Love, and I do have a sister named Serenity. What can I say? My dad is a bit eccentric. But my weird family aside, I love word-based names because their definitions tell you a little something about parents' expectations and feelings for their children. Don't you agree?

No matter what your hopes for your children are, there's a name out there that will accurately reflect what they mean to you. Take these, for example:


  1. Alma: Spirt
  2. Amor: Love
  3. Bienvenida: Welcome
  4. Blanca: White, shining
  5. Cielo: Heaven, the sky
  6. Dia: Day 
  7. Dulce: Sweet, candy 
  8. Esperanza: Hope
  9. Estrella: Star
  10. Flor: Flower 
  11. Inocencia: Innocent 
  12. Libertad: Freedom 
  13. Luna: Moon
  14. Luz: Light
  15. Paloma: Dove
  16. Reina: Queen
  17. Rosa: Rose
  18. Sol: Sun 
  19. Tierra: Land, earth
  20. Vida: Life


  1. Amable: Friendly
  2. Ángel: Angel
  3. Cruz: Cross 
  4. Divino: Divine
  5. Domingo: Sunday
  6. Indio: Indian
  7. Leon: Lion
  8. Rey: King
  9. Rio: River 
  10. Santo: Saint 

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