20 Old school baby names inspired by our abuelos

Our abuelos and abuelas inspire us in so many ways. More and more parents-to-be are deciding to stick with vintage, or, shall we say, classic names as a way of honoring their ancestors. With so many new baby name trends to pick from, sticking to traditional names is a nice way of keeping it in the family. The best part of it is that a lot of these old school names have interesting meanings behind them. Check out 20 baby names that are inspired by our grandparents. 


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1. Alma: Soul or heart

2. Altagracia: High grace of Jesus or Mother Mary

3. Beatrice: Brings joy

4. Celestina: Heavenly

5. Consuelo: Consolation

6. Dinora: Jacob's only daughter

7. Francisca: Free one

8. Mabel: Loveable and dear

9. Minerva: Goddess of wisdom

10. Prudencia: Prudent


1. Alfonso: Eager for battle

2. Aurelio: Gold

3. Bartolome: Ploughman

4. Bienvenido: Welcome

5. Damario: Gentle

6. Eugenio: Noble

7. Guillermo: Protector

8. Ramiro: Judicious

9. Rodolfo: Wolf 

10. Rogelio: Spearman  

Yes, I admit that some of these are way too old fashioned for my taste. Some of my favorites are Alma and Damario. While I love timeless names, I don't want people thinking I gave birth to an 80-year-old. Just saying, but to each their own, right? 

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