Ninel Conde may give birth at the gym

Ninel Conde is all about keeping it tight and right during her pregnancy. Love or hate her, you have to admit that this Mexican starlet looks amazing while pregnant! The 43-year-old mom-to-be confirmed that she was about three months along back in April. That means Conde is in her final trimester and making sure she stays active despite her kind of huge baby bump!  


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Conde recently posted a selfie of herself doing squats with a fitness ball. She wrote:

What used to be an easy workout is now hard work! Mamas, don't stop exercising during your pregnancy. It will make you feel so much better and actually relieves some of the typical symptoms.

Wow! It is hard to believe that she is eight months pregnant! Her baby bump actually doesn't look that large. Ninel hasn't been skimping on the pregnancy cravings either. She often indulges in sweet treats and shares all of the tempting photos with her fans.

Ninel actually has a good point in advising pregnant women to remain active. However, it is suggested to try low impact workouts and avoid exercises that involve lying on your back, especially in the later stages. Also consult with your doctor before adopting a particular workout routine at this stage in pregnancy.

Lisa Stone, a certified pre- and postnatal fitness specialist, explains, "Keeping up abdominal and back exercises is important to help with postural changes and stability." Working out your legs definitely helps with stability so squats are one of the best routines to try once you hit the final trimester.

We can't wait for Ninel to welcome her baby boy! Her boyfriend Giovanni must also be pretty excited. With this sort of fitness routine, Conde is going to bounce back in no time. Ay these celeb moms always make it look so easy! Life just isn't fair sometimes. 

Images via Ninel Conde/Instagram

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