5 Most stressful things about pregnancy

Pregnancy can stress you out since you may feel your body is out of control. You are carrying the most important thing ever in it, and you want to make sure it all goes swimmingly. The unknown can be frightening and, of course it makes you anxious.

When I was pregnant, I used to worry about ways to hide the sixth finger my baby was going to be born with. I even asked my husband to count his fingers as soon as she was born! Of course she didn't have an extra digit and I wasted all that energy worrying about it. I know you're probably anxious about your pregnancy too, so hopefully this article will answer some questions.


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Miscarriage: If it happens, it is usually in the early stages, perhaps due to chromosomal abnormalities. After six weeks of pregnancy the chances of having a miscarriage are slim (under five per cent). Don't stress about it and focus on eating healthy, taking your prenatal vitamins and exercising.  

Gestational Diabetes: You don't want to deal with the disease after you give birth or have your baby born with it. Relax, just because you have diabetes during pregnancy, it doesn't mean that you are going to have it for the rest of your life. If you test positive, your doctor will give you a diet plan, medication and you'll most likely have a C-section.

Birth Defects: This is a big cause of anxiety. In the United States fewer than three percent of babies are born with a serious birth defect. I say serious because lots of conditions are treatable and may be reversed surgically. You should take folic acid every day to help the baby's brain and spine, don't smoke or drink during pregnancy and don't use drugs.

Induced Labor: It only happens in extreme situations when the level of amniotic fluid is too low, you develop preeclampsia or you are still pregnant after two weeks of your due date. Your obstetrician will discuss the scenario only if it's absolutel necessary to induce you. To worry about something that might not happen will only stress you out. 

Premature Birth: This is a real concern, but there are thing you can do to prevent it from happening. Some factors cause premature births, such as obesity, high blood pressure, drugs, alcohol and certain medications for severe depression and anxiety. Make sure to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and talk to your doctor about the side effects of your medication so he can change them. Aside from that, as long as your baby is close to five pounds, it doesn't matter whether he is born before thirty four or after thirty seven weeks. Don't skip your checkups!

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