5 Ways to get the most out of your maternity leave

Christina Aguilera may have just given birth to a baby girl but that doesn't mean she isn't stressed out. In fact, it looks like the singer has a lot on her mind these days. She's been on this serious mission to lose all this pregnancy weight and apparently she's worried about losing her spot on The Voice to Gwen Stefani too!


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Christina isn't thrilled about Gwen Stefani replacing her on The Voice. According to reports, she's afraid she won't be asked to return to the show next year. "Christina is extremely threatened by [her temporary replacement] Gwen," a source said. She knows that if the ratings are higher on Gwen's season than they were on hers, the producers may have no choice but to ask Gwen to stay on." She's also worried about Taylor Swift joining the judges panel.

One thing's for sure, Christina is definitely not the only woman with maternity leave fears. I can't tell you how many times moms I know get stressed out when they have to take maternity leave from their job. There's this fear that your boss will realize the company can run just fine without you. Or that they'll like your temporary replacement better. But it's honestly NOT worth it. Why spend time stressing about being replaced at work when you could be enjoying your baby! Here are five ways to get the most of your maternity leave!

1. Accept that it might be hard: Prepare yourself, chica. The first few weeks with your newborn are not going to be easy, especially if you're a new mom. You need to give yourself some time to adjust to being a new mom and to being sleep-deprived. Don't beat yourself up!

2. Learn more about yourself: My cousin gave birth to her first child in July and claims she's never felt so comfortable in her own skin. Even Jessica Alba admitted she struggled with insecurity before becoming a mom. "After I became, first of all, 30 and being a mom of two, I just sort of came into myself as a woman and now I have a company and I feel better now. Especially after 30."

3. Enjoy every moment: Once you go back to work you won't be around to see your baby's every move. Try to enjoy every moment, from your baby's cries to his smiles and more. You won't get this time back.

4. Get help: Like I said, the first few weeks aren't a piece of cake. Try to get close friends and family to help you with the load. Whether it's your husband cooking meals, your oldest child helping you change diapers or your mother doing what you dread the most--giving the baby her first bath!

5. Don't think about work: I have yet to hear of someone losing their job because they were away on maternity leave. So chances are yours will be right there were you left it. And if not, then something better will come along. Don't stress!

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