11 Ridiculous things guys say during labor

men during childbirthI'm cracking up over here because I just finished watching a video of men watching babies being born. Listen, I know it's not easy to watch birthing videos, the miracle of birth can be pretty shocking and bloody. I wasn't so much surprised by some of the silly things that came out of these men's mouths as I was by the fact that one guy was able to eat Cup Noodles while he watched. I mean who the heck can stomach eating instant noodles while they watch babies being born? Crazy, right?

So of course I'm DYING to show you the video below and then I want to TAWK about some of the crazy things that come out of men's mouths when they are actually at a birth, okay?


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Here's the video, it's funny, but I'm warning you that it may turn you off of Cup Noodles for the rest of your life:

I found that all kinds of amusing, but we all know that watching people give birth on vidoe is nowhere near as intense as seeing it in real life and that intensity sometimes causes men to say some unbelievable things. So ladies, don't be surprised if you hear your man say one of these 11 ridiculous things while you are giving birth and yes, my husband did actually say a couple of these too:

1. Crap, I forgot the camera! Hold on, I'll be right back.

2. Smile babe, I'm going to post this picture on Facebook!

3. OMG! I did NOT want to see that.

4. Is that supposed to be happening? That doesn't look right.

5. That is DISGUSTING. I think I'm going to faint.

6. I don't really need to be here for this do I? Should I leave? I think I should leave because I just seem to be making her angry.

7. Do I have to? I mean I guess so. When asked if he wants to cut the cord.

8. No, I don't want to touch that! When asked if he would like to feel the baby's head when crowning.

9. Ow! Watch it with the grip, you are really hurting my hand!

10. Uh, how much longer is this going to take?

11. Aww, look at our baby! See babe, that wasn't so hard was it?

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