UltrasoundConfirmed! Babies do have a lot of fun in the womb. That may explain why some of them don't even want to come out at all it seems like! They are just super comfortable inside their mama's belly. No mystery there, right? Well, now there is an ultrasound picture to prove it. Reddit user Meancloth shared with the world the image of her unborn baby giving the thumps up! Of course the cutest picture ever went viral and received two million visitors in twenty four hours. You have to see this cuteness after the break!


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With the caption, "Recent ultrasound result looks good" this mom showed her sense of humor and gave all expectant mothers out there piece of mind. We already know that babies were in the perfect environment in the womb, but it's really good to know how much they really enjoy it. This mother is expecting twins so one of them is clearly having a blast and probably will be the one born last.

Ultrasound technology has changed a lot in the last couple of years. Now with ultra high-resolution images, we can see what the baby is doing at that specific time and capture precious moments like the one in this picture. The 3D technology is unbelievable! We can see our baby's face and almost touch it. It's mind blowing, really!

The mom is expected to give birth very soon and I wonder if she will know who of the two was the one giving the thumbs up. Maybe his cry will tell if he wanted to leave or stay. Anyway, thank you, Meancloth, for sharing your delightful ultrasound picture and making our day. We had a laugh with you and understood what babies really think of the womb. Best of luck with the birth!

Image via Corbis and meancloth/Reddit

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