Crazy woman fakes pregnancy, dupes couples desperate to adopt

I'd heard of adoption scams before but this one beats them all! Two couples have recently outed an unidentified 36-year-old woman who had faked a pregnancy and promised her unborn child to both Kevin and Becky Clark from Ohio and Jeff and Kayla Hall from South Carolina. How conniving can someone be to do such a thing? Oh, and wait till you hear how they found out it was all a big fat lie!


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So how did this woman manage to deceive these two couples into thinking she was really carrying a baby in her belly? Well, apparently she found them on Facebook where the couples had set up pages for the purpose of seeking adoption. She claimed that she was pregnant but that she had mental issues that would prevent her from being a good mother. The woman also added that the father of the baby had raped her after meeting through a Christian date site.

She wore a fake baby bump and even sent each of the two couples an ultrasound photo. She spoke on the phone with them and assured the Clarks that the baby was due in May. They realized something was amiss when she eventually claimed she'd had a stillbirth. She wouldn't allow the Clarkes to visit her at the hospital and yet went out of her way to send them a picture of her ID bracelet and an extremely upsetting photo of a supposedly dead baby.

The Halls were given the same exact stillbirth story. They eventually called her out on it and the woman not only revealed that it was all a hoax but that she suffers from multiple personality disorder. "I felt sick," Mrs. Hall said. "I realized I literally had a sociopath in my home."

"She wanted us to be in the room, she wanted us to cut the umbilical cord, she wanted me to go to with her to a C-section if she needed to. We even spoke about how she would hand me the baby for the first time," Mrs. Clark told 10 News. This woman was a freaking con artist. She had these poor people, who ached for a baby, seriously fooled.

The woman never received money from either couple which is why they haven't pressed charges. But they have made it their mission to get the word out so that she doesn't deceive other couples moving forward. Such an elaborate, cruel and long-winded plan can only be devised by someone who is off their rocker. This woman needs professional help ASAP!

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