Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth's are having a Spanish-speaking baby!

Hahahah! We love Elsa Pataky. She is stunningly gorgeous and we can't wait until America wakes up and falls in love with the Spanish actress. I also really like her because she got married the month after I did and I interviewed her shortly thereafter and we had a totally girly, "Eeep, newlyweds!" moment that I thought was totally cute.

So, she has won her way to my heart and needless to say, we're pretty sure her super hunky hubby Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor for those of ya'll who don't know) feels the same. Well, turns out that even though the duo has been super busy since their marriage back in December 2010 (they both have two movies coming out in 2012) they still managed to make time for each other and cooked up a baby!


An elated Elsa told Hola! magazine that she was three months pregnant and that she and Chris were still in that amazing honeymoon phase. Awww, it's cute to see a celeb couple that actually likes each, no? But my favorite part of the interview came when she said that her Australian hubby was going to have to take a crash course in Spanish because she intends to only speak to her baby in her native tongue.

“Sólo le voy a hablar en español. Ya le he dicho a mi marido: ‘Ponte las pilas rapidito con el español porque, si no, no vas a entender lo que decimos’. Pienso que una madre tiene que hablar a su hijo de la forma en que se expresa en su propio idioma, porque es el más cercano y el que sale de manera natural”.

I have to say, I agree with Elsa. It seems only natural for a mom to interact with her baby in the language that comes to her easily. I, for one, will try to speak Spanish as much as humanly possible to my first bundle of joy, but I also recognize it's something I'm going to have to be very diligent about since I'm English dominant.

Looks like Chris is going to have to grab some Rosetta Stone ASAP!

Do you agree that mom's should speak to their children in the language they feel most comfortable in?

Image via FilmMagic