Miracle baby born after 13 miscarriages

miracle baby bornThere is no way that I will be able to make it through the story of Awais Haider, a miracle baby if there ever was one, withoug crying. So don't mind the soggy post or shaky typing. You see, this beautiful baby boy was born to parents Haider Zaman and Ayshia Zaman after the couple experienced 13 miscarriages. Thirteen, people!!! Thirteen unbelievable heartbreaking losses. Over the course of 15 years, Aysha would get pregnant 13 times only to miscarry anywhere between six to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. She says, "I took a two–year rest gap and then plucked up courage for the 14th time. I felt it was my last chance and my last hope."

And this is where I start to cry because on July 10, she and Haider welcomed a healthy beautiful 6 pound baby boy into the world. I'm so happy that this couple found the help they needed to acheive their dream of becoming parents.


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Ayshia was able to see the pregnancy to term with the help of a team of midwives and specialists from Heartland Hospital's recurring miscarriage clinic in the United Kingdom. It's believed that Aysha's miscarriages where triggered by "sticky" blood cells that caused clots to form. Aysha would lose blood and then lose the baby. 

This time around, she was given drugs and steroids that helped with blood flow to the womb and that's why at 33 years old after 15 years of trying Aysha was finally able to give birth to a baby via C-section. Amazing!

As thrilling as it is for this couple to be parents can you imagine how stressful the pregnancy must have been worrying every moment that something could go wrong like it always had in the past? I hope that this blessed family can now breath easy. Congratulations to them and kudos to the wonderful medical team that helped them and their beautiful miracle baby.

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