Apricots and Banana Soy Smoothie 1

Apricots and Banana Soy Smoothie

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This smoothie is perfect for breakfast or dessert. All you need is half a cup of vanilla soy milk, half a cup low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt, one peeled banana, half a cup of apricot juice and three ice cubes. Blend all the ingredients and add some wheat germ for extra nutrition.



Mint, Cucumber & Watermelon Crush 2

Mint, Cucumber & Watermelon Crush

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This delicious low-fat smoothie is a great refresher for hot summer days. It's packed with vitamin C and calcium. All you need is half a cup of cucumber, peeled and cubed, one cup of chopped watermelon, half a cup of Greek yogurt, five or more mint leaves, one tablespoon of agave and lime zest. Toss all the ingredients in a blender, add some ice and enjoy!