5 Ways to spice up baby-making sex

Baby-making sex comes with a lot of work. From ovulation predictor kits to basal thermometers, sexual intercourse with your partner could start feeling more like a science project than a loving and intimate moment. If you feel in need of spicing things up, then we have you covered.

Yes, there is no reason why baby-making sex should be routine and boring. Here are some tips for spicing things up:


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1. Switch up the location: Sure, the bedroom is always the go-to spot to get your groove on, but mixing up the setting will add add more thrill to your sexual encounters. Try a bubble bath or doing it on the kitchen counter like Beyonce endorses in her "Drunk In Love" song. That could have been her trick to conceiving Blue Ivy.

2. Don't skip foreplay: Teasing is part of the fun! It will intensify intercourse and avoid making it feel like just another sex session. Adding lingerie to the mix will also be an added bonus.  

3. Laugh it off: Trying to conceive can be stressful on a couple. Psychotherapist Lenore Pomerance believes that couples who don't take themselves too seriously are more sexual and freer in bed. "Couples who are disappointed by babymaking sex are often hanging on to a fantasy about what lovemaking is 'supposed' to be," she says. So go have fun and be in the moment.  

4. Don't make it seem like a chore: Instead of making it seem like another thing to cross off your list, take your time with setting the mood. Take your time with each other and make sure to put your phone on silent. This will avoid distractions and keep you in the mood.

5. Try different positions: Missionary is known as the preferred baby-making position since it makes it easier for the sperm to travel upstream, but that doesn't mean you can't go for other kinky favorites. Try lying side-by-side or doing the rear entry since they are equally as friendly for baby conceiving.

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