Mom arrested after 12-year-old daughter gets pregnant

JusticiaTina M. Durant, a mother from Newton, Iowa, is facing the law after she ignored the sexual abuse complaints from her 12-year-old daughter who is now pregnant. Durant was charged with child endangerment and neglect because she didn't pay attention and acted when her child told her she was being sexually abused by 24-year-old Jacob White. According to authorities, White slept in the child's bed and the mother knew about it.


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For me, Durant wins the prize as the world's worst mom! First of all, who on earth let her daughter sleep in the same bed with a grown man? I don't understand what she was thinking. The poor child was complaining to her and trying to tell her about the abuse and she didn't do anything to help her. What a disgusting mother!

It's not clear how the authorities were notified, but supposedly other people told the mother about the weird behavior between Jacob and the child. Some of them called the police and a doctor confirmed that the girl was pregnant and determined how far along she was. According to the police, the man arrived at the house in April and was gone by May and during that time he was raping the little girl. White was charged with third-degree sexual abuse charges and is waiting for his trial.

This makes me so angry and sad because I can only image the fear that poor child faced every day during that month. At 12, she should have been dreaming about clothes, school and friends, instead of the monster in her bed. Durant has a court appearance scheduled for September 9 and I hope she gets what she deserves. What that woman did to her own daughter is horrible and unspeakable! She ruined her daughter's life and the life of her entire family.

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