8 CRAZY birth stories you won't believe

birthReady, set, push! We have all been there at the birthing room, ready to release our baby and feel normal again. At the end of it all you'll have a crazy story to tell and everyone is eager to hear it. I don't know how adventurous your birth experience was, but these stories will make you laugh, cringe and say what? Some are even surreal!

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Sit down and enjoy these bizarre childbirth stories and feel lucky that you weren't in those situations.

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For my first pregnancy it was a little crazy because I didn't know what to expect as far as pain. but then on my second one it was easy for me, knowing then about the pain I was able to go thru it without any pain meds.


With my first, I had a fever and strong chills when my water broke. I wound up having an infection and had to get a c-section.

17 identical babies!?! And they all survived?
With my first only child I went into having a emergency c-section at 24 weeks


I don't think mine were that crazy.

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