WATCH: Laughing gas is clearly the best way to give birth

laughing gas during childbirthMy mind had just been blown. I had no idea that laughing gas can be used for pain management during childbirth! Did you? It makes complete sense if you think about it because we all know that laughter is the best medicine. Apparently, nitrous oxide is used regularly during labor in places like Great Britain and Australia and it used to be used routinely in the U.S. too until a few decades ago when it seems we turned into a big ol' nation of fuddy duddies who want women giving birth to feel pain and have no laughter.


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Well, I am happy to say that tide seems to be changing. More hospitals including Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston are offering laughing gas as one of the options women in labor can use for pain management. I'm so happy that this option is going to be available to more women in this country, but I can't deny that after watching the videos of pregnant women using laughing gas below that I'm not a little bit bummed that I didn't have the option.

Check out these five women laughing their way into motherhood!

 1. The husband in this one is really enjoying watching his baby mama crack up.

2. This woman's laugh is contagious. I had no idea anyone could laugh so much while being in labor. It's kind of awesome.

3. The quality of this video is not the best, but I have to share it with you because it is short and makes me smile from ear to ear. This woman is having a hard time talking because of the laughter. She looks like she's having fun.

4. Here's another shortie, but goodie where the laughing gas patient perhaps has a little too much in one hit.

5. I dare you not to giggle along on this one!

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