Michelle ArvinGet ready to be amazed by some gravity-defying pregnancy photos of 39-year-old trapeze artist and instructor Michelle Arvin, the likes of which I can pretty much guarantee you have never seen before. Arvin is New York aerial performer who is part of La Cage Trio and also a teacher at Circus Warehouse in Long Island City, New York.

This woman is a seasoned badass aerialist and when the time came to take pregnancy photos, she didn't do your regular I'm-pregnant-and-bound-by-the-laws-of-nature sort of shots. No way, she put her talents to use and had photographer Rachael Shane capture her in her element with her fellow La Cage Trio performers.


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Despite being pregnant, Arvin kept teaching and training pretty much all through her pregnancy with the consent of her midwives, of course. She says, "I had still been training up until 39 weeks." Her due date was on July 26, but she's still waiting for baby to make an entrance and at the moment she's "pretty much stopped doing most everything," so you don't have to worry that her water will break mid-air or anything.

If you are wondering why Arvin would want to take such extraordinary pregnancy photos, she says, "We did (them) because I wanted maternity pictures that weren't your standard maternity pictures."

They are perfect because Arvin is not your standard pregnant woman either, she is an athlete and a performer who has spent many years conditioning her body and boy does it show.

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Image via Rachael-Shane-Photography/Facebook

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