I've seen my fair share of great pregnancy announcements but none of them come close to the McGillicuddys'. The clever couple used the popular "Share a Coke" campaign as their way to announce to all their family and friends that they're having a baby. What seemed like a corny marketing strategy actually wound up being the cutest video I've seen in a while. Once you see it, you're going to seriously start thinking about having another baby JUST so you could come up with an announcement like this!

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The video begins with the couple sipping on some Cokes. Things start getting crazy after the wife decides to drink from her husband's soda bottle which had his name on it. Before you know her voice sounds just like his. They go through an entire pack of Diet Coke cans each causing their voice to change. At one point I almost swore someone took on Arnold Schwarzennegger's voice.

Finally they grab their last two cans of soda and their voices return to normal. They turn the cans and reveal the names: the husband's spells dad and the wife's spells mom--and you get where this is all going right? Tell me that isn't the cutest pregnancy announcement video you've ever seen! It's even making me want to knocked up, even though I have hard time believing I'd be able to top this. Congrats to the happy couple, something tells me they're going to be awesome parents!

--Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado

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